Peugeot returns to Dakar

Peugeot-Citroen domination in Dakar Rally to be restored.

Fantastic news: Peugeot Sport team will participate in the Dakar 2015 rally using, supposedly, a Peugeot 208 tuned car.

Previous 4 trials finished with success: 4 years (1987-1991) resulted in 4 wins in a row (fantastic!); other, now legendary cars have been used: Peugeot 205 and Peugeot 405.

2015 racers:

  • Carlos Sainz (Spain) – Dakar-2010 winner (using Volkswagen Touareg)
  • Cyril Despres (France) – 5-times Dakar winner in motorcycles class (2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013).

According to the overall stats French guys have a fantastic winning track, especially within co-driver category; Russian Kamaz team is a nice rule exception.


A bit more of details:

More info at the Peugeot – Red Bull promo site.

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Statues at Pulkovo airport

A friend of mine has uploaded a photo of new statues in Pulkovo airport:

A bit of search and I’ve found some more (here):

I’m dreaming of finding same small statuettes, they’re so beautiful!

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WordCamp Russia 2013


WordCamp Russia

On August, 10 a nice event will be held in the Digital October center – WordCamp Russia 2013. Where esle it could be held, if not at that iconic place with that aswesome karma?

I’ll visit it as an interested amateur:

  1. using WordPress almost happily ever after;
  2. I’m veeery interesting how to apply it as a tool for knowledge management;
  3. who knows, etc. :)

So, putting a banner. Good things to come!

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How to get rid of “Bad request – Error 400″ while using GMail under Google Apps domain

GApps GMail Bad Request

As a heavy GApps GMail user, recently I’ve started receiving the 400 error “Bad Request” when several GMail accounts are opened. After googling a little I’ve found the following solution by Brajesh user:

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Saint-Petersburg, summer of 2008 – videoclip

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Videohostings, CDN providers and their PoPs locations

Most of my current job site’s visitors are located in Russia and other CIS countries, once we’ve started to think of video publishing we undertood that we need a good content delivery network (CDN) with a point of presence (PoP; ideally – points) located in Russia. I’ve conducted a micro-research and the results are below.


Vimeo is a very popular videohosting and it uses Akamai (prooflink). Those guys don’t show where their PoPs are located at, but have published a map of their offices. Stockholm, which has a internet cable going through the city, is on the list, and that’s good; obviously, there should be a PoP there, so we accept it. Also they have Krakow and Hamburg on the list, but we aren’t sure about those.


One more videohosting which I’ve written about is written about – Brightcove. They officially say they use the folliwing CDNs:

  • Akamai
  • Limelight
  • Highwinds
  • Level3
  • JStream (Japanese users only).
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How to Download Brightcove videos


Below is a repost from the following source: Download Brightcove videos | Words. It’s translated into Russian; the text below is the almost the same as the original one, all the changes are just step numbering added (so this may be concerned as a ‘step-by-step’ guide).

How to download Brightcove videos

Brightcove typically delivers videos via a flash stream – making it almost impossible to download (as it is a stream, there is no file to save). A video capture of the stream might be possible, but there’s an easier way if the video has a .mp4 “fallback option”.

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Wexler Tab 7t 4.1.1 firmware bug-not-feature: fears & hopes

2013-03-25 15_58_41-WEXLER-TAB-7T

Today I’ve talked to Wexler’s support via… skype ( regarding issues with microSD card and HDMI port.

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RC helicopter Double Horse/Syma 9053 (Gyro-601) and its tuning

Once upon a time I’ve receieved the Gyro-601 heli as a present. Anywhere except Russia it’s called Double Horse / Syma Volitation 9053, so let’s call it that way.

It has as pros:

  • big size, which is good for using it outside;
  • popularity – the web is full of reviews, videos, etc.;

and contras as well:

  • the rear (pitch or tangage) prop is awful – evem the weakest wind moves the heli aside (which is OK, though) and backwards as well (which is really bad);
  • weak battery – 10 min of flight max;
  • balance bar can hit the prop and the heli will fall plus you’ll have to buy new blades – and hits unpredictably.

Sufring over the web I’ve found the following to tune:

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For 70th Anniversary of the Stalingrad battle


Today is the 70th anniversary of the greatest of WWII battles – the Stalingrad battle.
My granddad and his sister were children during the battle – now they’re Children of Stalingrad. And I’m enormously proud of them.

The vido below is a clip made by the Medusa Scream group – originally, they’re from Volgograd. I’m proud of them, too – they’ve made an awesome video combining nice music with fantastic chronicles.

We remember. We’re proud.

P.S.: After Valentina Matvienko’s proposal to rename Volgograd to Stalingrad I’ve been asked by some friends if I support the proposal or not. So, personally, I do – and here’s why:

  • Stalingrad is a brand. How many people out of CIS know Volgograd? Not many. Instead, Stalingrad is well known by lots of people, especially, say, Germany and UK. As far as the city will host a football championship in 2018 it’s more than important – city needs tourists so much.
  • The decision to rename Stalingrad to Volgograd was Nikita Khrushyov’s subjective political decision as a part of his personal war with the Stalin’s cult of personality (he is well known for his impulsive and subjective decisions). So much time has passed away, and considering the previous point, renaming the city could be a good idea.
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